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Town of Wickenburg - The Permit Process  Learn how to apply for a permit and what to expect from our team.

**UPDATE**  The Town of Wickenburg has adopted the 2018 Building Codes  and 2017 NEC. See more here.

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NOTE: Town of Wickenburg no longer handles permits for Manufactured Homes. To request a permit for a Manufactured Home from the Arizona Department of Housing, go to for more information.

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Print current permits, request inspections, upload files.
To obtain your Contractor ID call (928) 684-5451 x1575

Projects Requiring a Permit

  • new residential construction
  • new commercial construction
  • manufactured/mobile home placement
  • building/room additions
  • garage, storage, shed, awning, deck
  • carport, vehicle shade, breezeway, patio
  • swimming pool, spa
  • retaining wall over 18", fence, pool barrier fencing
  • grading, demolition
  • electrical, plumbing, gas line, mechanical work

Projects NOT Requiring a Permit

  • replacing tile or shingle roofs
  • paint (interior/exterior); repair drywall, plasterboard, paneling or stucco (insulated stucco systems require a permit)
  • replacing heat pumps or water heaters
  • flat work such as landscaping, or concrete and paver driveways
  • patio slabs or sidewalks
  • low-voltage landscape accent lighting
  • gazebos or pergolas that are under 144 sq ft (12x12) that do not include electric, gas, or plumbing
  • Minor repairs or replacement of non-structural items such as glass, doors, hardware, kitchen cabinets, carpeting, flooring or trim work.
  • repair existing landscape irrigation piping
  • repair/replace existing plumbing fixtures in the same location

Applying for a New Commercial or Residential Permit

  • Electronic Submittals Required
  • Complete Site/Plot Plan 
    • All parcel property lines (include all dimensions in feet), location of new dwelling/structure in relation to property lines and neighbor’s structures.
    • Show grading, drainage, and water retention for property.
  • Owner Builder Statement - if applicable 
    • Owner Builder Statement signed by owner.
  • Contractor Statement 
    • Complete name of company, phone, license number, and expiration date.
    • Contractor Building Statement signed by contractor and listing sub contractors.
  • Construction Plans (commercial plans must be stamped by a licensed architect) 
    • Plans in ¼” scale.
    • Details showing footings, and wall construction section from footing to roof.
    • Framing, truss calculations, foundation, and electrical detail must be on plans.
    • Compliance with Energy Conservation Codes.
    • Electrical load calculations.
    • Water fixture units calculations, plumbing isometrics, and, if applicable, gas line isometrics.
    • Mechanical calculations comply with Manual J & D.

Certificate of Occupancy 

The Certificate of Occupancy can be obtained at Town Hall through the Community Development Department located at 155 North Tegner Street or by emailing

Please Provide:

  • use classification
  • type of construction
  • zoning
  • contact information for owner of building
  • mailing address for owner
  • legal description
  • building address
  • building location
  • building value

Grading Permit Requirements

  • Completed Application 
  • Plans Must Include: 
    • A general information sheet to include such things as property information, project location, and floodplain (if applicable) 
    • A plan showing the topographic information at a two foot contour, property lines, and location of excavation on the property with the amount of cut and fill proposed. 
    • A pre-grading plan showing the flow of drainage on the property and the surrounding area. 
    • A post grading plan showing the flow of drainage on the property and the effects on surrounding properties.

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